Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama Wants To Something America

Bringing About the End of Good Something?

Obama making sour face

Last week, President Obama unveiled a plan that critics say would bring about an age of bad thing in this country not seen since terrible time of bad something. Since the plan was first unveiled during a press conference, Americans have expressed bad feelings toward the President’s plan to bring about the end of good thing. In a recent poll conducted by the Polling Institute, results show a majority of Americans opposing bad thing.

 However, the downward slide into bad thing doesn’t have to continue, at least according to Good Guy Politician, who said on Agreeable News Network Tuesday morning, “Look, [the President] and his advisors know the facts. Bad thing is not a good thing for America. We need to stop bad thing and return good thing to our people who so demand good something.”

            Bad Guy Politician said on Evil News Network Tuesday evening, “I know there are arguments against bad thing, but these people who are nay-sayers only want to bring back good thing. We as bad people simply can’t support that. Until we hear a valid argument for good thing, we will continue to put our efforts behind the president and bad thing.”

Polling Institute 2011

           Still unclear is whether or not the President will listen to what the American people are saying and change course. But given his recent campaign to introduce bad things, it looks like good thing has come to an end for the time being, which is a bad thing.

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