Saturday, December 27, 2014

This Post Will Come As a Dissapointment...

...which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has read my blog. This is my first post in forever, and in my absence, a lot of big stuff went down. I will attempt to get you all up to speed on where my life has taken me in the last few years.

The following happened: I

  • changed jobs
  • got divorced
  • started a business
  • found a new girlfriend
  • returned to this blog
   Now that you are up to speed, I have to say I was surprised to see my hit counter had accumulated over five thousand visits since my hiatus began. And yet there are barely any comments, which leads me to believe that over 5,000 people visited with most hating my writing or otherwise nonplused sufficiently to move on without bothering to give me an attaboy or stir conversation. The lack of hateful comments is worrying. I need to see if there is a filter turned on somewhere.
   Interestingly, this post from september of 2009 has quite a few hits, which begs questions of what words people are including in their google searches for atheist.
   It seems I have something of a readership in France. Not a big readership, but France represents the only country outside the U.S. where any other human being has encountered my work. Small world indeed! I hope to have another country added to this list by the end of 2015. I'm hoping for Africa!


   A very long time has elapsed since I've walked these halls and pondered it's treasures. I'm looking over the blog to see if anything's broken. If someone should find a broken link or something that doesn't look right, please drop me a line.

   I'll try to have a new post up soon. I had an idea but forgot it. As soon as I remember what it was, I'll get to writing. Hopefully it wasn't a crap idea.

   Until then, keep your head up and your eyes open or Obamageddon's gonna getcha!