Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tea Parties for a Non-Socialist America

no what kind of option?

Does the idea of a national healthcare system somehow remind you of Karl Marx? Would you say Obama's healthcare policies are Orwellian? Are we in fact heading down the dreaded road to SOCIALISM? (When reading red type, please say the word in your head with a loud boomy voice with echo for full emotive effect). Well my friend, If you are this individual, have your blood pressure meds close at hand, for you may not be aware of some other socialist programs that are lurking beneath the fog of our awareness, waiting to lurch up and turn us all into damn SOCIALISTS!

  1. Public Parks
  2. Public swimming pools
  3. Public roads
  4. Public health assistance
  5. Public waste management
  6. Public transit
  7. Public Broadcasting Service
  8. Public Schools
  9. National armed services
  10. National highways
  11. National parks
  12. National Wildlife Refuge
  13. National Guard
  14. National Public Radio
  15. City Police departments
  16. Medicare
  17. Medicaid...
This appalling list goes on and on. We need to unite and tell Obama, It's NObama! No National Healthcare! And while we're at it, we need to put an end to these other SOCIALIST programs that are leeching money from the people who really count and providing services to those that don't. Tell the government where they can shove their public schools, Medicare, National Guard, and police forces. Tell them the National Wildlife Fund can eat it. Medicare? Not with our tax dollars! Tell the government cronies in Washington to let Capitalism do its thing, and let freedom ring!!!...
If, while waving a small plastic American flag and humming a Ted Nugget guitar solo, you were brought to tears by this rant, then my sarcasm is obviously lost on you.
The hardline Democrats want a single payer option because 45 million plus Americans can't afford health insurance. That includes me. We can't afford it. We have jobs and pay our taxes, but can't afford health insurance. A majority of Americans who CAN afford health insurance are against the public option. Does this seem odd to you?
Another interesting observation, it seems most of the people who abhor the United Kingdom's health care system are AMERICANS. From what I hear, the English are quite proud of their universal healthcare.
I'm going to be honest, and since this is my new shiny blog, I have the right to. Conservatives disapprove of Obama's healthcare ideas because they think he's a Muslim, or because he's black, or because he's liberal (a liberal MUSLIM? Isn't that akin to calling someone a liberal snake handling pentecostal?), or because they just don't like him. Maybe a shouting head like a Glen Beck or a Rush Limbaugh told them what they should think about Obama, "Yes Benevolent Overlord! We shall do as you command..." I suspect if John McCain were offering the very same ideas to the good people of America, he would be met with much more patience and respect. After all, He looks like us real Americans.

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